What we Offer

Beef is mainly of South African origin, sourced from Feed-Lot ranches situated in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State and KwaZulu Natal. Other beef resources are Namibia and Botswana where we have access to Free Range Organic product; and a certain amount of beef originates from Australia, South America and Europe.

Our Free Range Lamb is of an exceptional quality, carefully selected from farms in the Cape provinces, including the Karoo region. A certain amount of lamb and mutton is of Australasian origin and new source markets for lamb are always being researched and investigated. South African Pork is mainly used while pork of origin Brazil and Europe is occasionally procured. Our Poultry is generally local with some being imported from the Americas, Australia and Brazil.

Ready access to a variety of markets allows us to offer attractive prices to the trade, public retail bulk buyers and any deep freeze owners.


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